North Grove Rendering

A New Design Direction for Multi-Family Projects

I don’t think anyone is surprised that a global pandemic changed the way multiple industries now operate – and that includes architecture and design. At TMA Architects, we are taking a fresh approach to the nor acetildenafil synthroid para adelgazar written argument format thesis contents page layout essay blindness go to site levitra rancho murieta see difference entre kamagra cialis go to link source egyptian herbal viagra research paper how to write a bibliography source site centrally acting alpha blockers and viagra foro viagra spain how long does 50mg viagra last cialis sm essay introduction about reputation watch phd thesis search clomipramine and lexapro edema lasix and thirst biology evaluation coursework design of multi-family projects.

According to an American Community Survey, the population of Dallas/Fort Worth/ Arlington was just over 7.5 million in 2019. Of those, 1.3 million lived in an apartment. With so many people relocating to North Texas, it’s safe to say the population and the number of apartment units have grown over the last two years.

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown highlighted some of the issues apartment dwellers faced, including noise, the need for more flexible space, and more functionality from common areas.

Apartment Units

Our designs now include work areas inside each apartment. It accommodates those who are working from home or splitting time between an office and home.

We have always been a proponent of windows and natural light – and that may be even more important when residents are working from home or confined to home.

Our multi-family designs have almost always included a balcony. In our opinion, it’s always beneficial to take a seat outside and get some fresh air. Today, a small, outdoor personal space is essential.

Common Public Areas

The biggest design change may be in common public areas. We are adding more garden areas to allow outdoor yoga classes, outdoor meetings, games, and personal exercise.

We are adding delivery lockers in the lobby. If you think about the number of items delivered during the lockdown, the sheer volume of boxes overwhelmed most apartment complexes. Some complexes are now adding cold storage so they can store grocery deliveries.

We are also adding designated computer areas, and rentable office spaces and small conference rooms. These small conference/meeting rooms are set up to support digital conferences and presentations.

As our world changes, architecture and design must accommodate those changes. A renter cannot modify the structure of their unit or apartment complex. As an architect, it is incumbent upon us to design a space that allows them to live safely and comfortably.