AOA Performance Institute

Advantages of Using an Existing Space

Besides new ground up construction, our work has always included commercial finish outs. There are many advantages to finishing out an existing space, especially if you’re a new, growing business.

Depending on the size, finish outs are typically completed faster, not affected by inclement weather, and most importantly, the price per square foot to “finish out” is more economical. By utilizing an architect, you can turn a large, empty building into a space that reflects your wants and personality.

There are also some obstacles to consider. First, you may have to fight for every square foot. If the client’s spatial needs do not fit in the existing shell space, it could mean having to reduce space from another area that is also needed. Compromise is a word that comes to mind on a finish out.

Second, it’s important to find the right contractor to finish out the space. In procuring a building permit, the city still requires full architectural documentation, and energy compliance. We often work with contractors who know the in’s and out’s of this type of project, and we have created long lasting relationship with several contractors who can successfully navigate these waters.

The project shown is a terrific example of a finish out. We used an exiting space to create a 6,000 SF performance institute in Mansfield. It was designed and finished out in only three months. If you’re considering a finish out and have any questions about the process, please contact us.