interior view of ambulatory surgery center

Design Philosophy for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)

At TMA Architects, we have been developing Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) for quite some time. As of today, we have completed 20 ASC’s and have two more on the boards.


ASC’s started popping up in 1998. They were such a new and novel project that the State of Texas did not have a full grasp of what should be required. All the State knew was ASC’s offered a positive way of reducing healthcare costs while providing better and safer conditions for patients.


As ASC’s evolved with more medical procedures added, they allowed more surgeries to take place outside of a hospital setting. And with their evolution, they have also turned into extremely complex building types.


I have always enjoyed designing these projects. We enjoy working with the physician or physician group to meet their goals while maintaining the State’s requirements.


While ASC’s offer a more compact design than a hospital, patients can still feel overwhelmed when they enter. Alleviating that anxiety drives the exterior and interior design. We strive to make the building as warm and inviting as possible. In essence, we have a clear, proven design direction that works for the patients and the physicians.


With 20 ASC’s under our belt, we have seen and managed just about every aspect of an ASC. If you or your physician group is considering an ASC or a medical office, please contact us.