Dr. Simmons Mixed-Use Building

Dr. Simmons’ Mixed-Use Building Now Open

Located in the Near Southside neighborhood, Dr. Simmons’ Mixed-Use Building is now open.

Our own Fred Cauble worked closely with Dr. Simmons in order to meet the project goals, and programmatic requirements. The first two floors are dedicated to medical and physical therapy offices with apartments on the third floor. Another unique addition is a small, dedicated space for police officers. This is important because it will allow them to take breaks in a secure space while on shift.

The geometric complexity of the project did not come without challenges. The exposed third floor ceilings were a structural puzzle to design and assemble. The roof intersections had to be carefully waterproofed along with the exterior balconies. And due to the proximity to downtown Fort Worth, we organized the interior to take advantage of the beautiful views.

Congratulations to Dr. Simmons on his new building, and we thank him for choosing tma-cha architects to handle his project.

Interior Dr Simmons Mixed-Use Building