Pet Resort

Evolution of Architecture for Pets

When you think about the pet industry, it’s amazing to think that a basic doghouse and Purina pet food once ruled the market.

Today, there are organic pet treats, spacious doghouses with windows and a porch, pet outfits, and community dog parks. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) crunched the numbers and found that we spent $95.7 billion on our pets in 2019. (That’s $5.5 billion more than in 2018!) That total includes food and treats, supplies, medicine, vet care, purchasing a pet, and pet services such as grooming and boarding.

As an architect, it’s been fascinating to watch the developments of a changing market. We used to design Pet Clinics that may have included a few kennels. We then progressed to designing Pet Hospitals that later added boarding and grooming facilities. And now? Now we’re having a blast developing Pet Resorts with attached Pet Hospitals.

Pet Resorts are now offering multi-level, multi-functional facilities that cater to just about any pet need. There are surgical areas, recovery rooms, exam rooms, x-ray areas, labs, boarding and grooming, daycare, and indoor and outdoor play areas.

It has been an enjoyable learning curve, and my best guide has been Sophie, my 70lb black Retriever. If you’re looking to create or expand your own pet facility, we welcome your call. Sophie may, or may not, answer the phone.

My dog, Sophie