Operating Room

Fort Worth Heart & ASC Now Complete

The Fort Worth Heart Clinic and Ambulatory Surgery Center is now complete, and fully operational.  Their ASC meets the Texas Health Department guidelines and is now licensed.

As an architectural firm that specializes in healthcare design, we know many factors are at play when creating an ASC.  Patient flow, comfort, size, equipment, and special MEP and HVAC systems are some of things we keep in mind in our design.  At Fort Worth Heart, each operating room is approximately 500 SF allowing for maximum flexibility.

Part of the challenge in designing an ASC is accommodating the sophisticated equipment that needs overhead structure, electrical, gas, and other items to support it.  Positive airflow aids in keeping the operating rooms sterile, as well as recessing casework to avoid any dust collection.  The casework in these rooms is transparent so the equipment is readily visible.

Operating rooms in ASC’s are getting more sophisticated over time.  The design will continue to be influenced by technology, patient and physician safety, and medical procedures.  At TMA-CHA, we’re proud to partner with doctors and physicians groups to design the safest, most efficient medical offices and Ambulatory Surgery Centers.