Healthcare Design for Bentz Physical Therapy

New Facility for Bentz Physical Therapy

One of our more recent assignments is for the Bentz Physical Therapy facility in north Fort Worth. Founded in 1992, Bentz Physical Therapy achieves the highest outcomes for their patients by providing compassionate, evidence-based physical therapy treatments.

At TMA-CHA Architects, we created a design that’s reflective of the activity inside. We included battered walls and a large cantilevered roof that protects the full-height east windows and porch. The interior is open and airy with an exposed structure and deck above.

We’re also looking to develop some special natural landscaping, so the therapists and patients can take advantage of the outdoor space – and the views to the east.

Our thanks to Bentz Physical Therapy President Ryan O’Malley for choosing TMA-CHA, and working with us on this project!