New Townhomes Coming to Near Southside

We are close to starting construction on a series of townhomes that will be located on S Jennings Ave in Fort Worth.

The project will take place in two phases. The first phase will feature six units with three in each building. The second phase welcomes the possibility of six additional units.

Our design for each unit includes three floors per resident, totaling about 2,200 SF. A garage and bedroom/studio space will be on the ground level. The second level will include the living, kitchen and dining areas. Two bedrooms, one with a large master bathroom, will be located on the third level. The kitchen will be equipped with induction cooktops, and plenty of storage. Ample windows and a balcony will be integrated into each unit allowing for plenty of natural light.

The units will also have the availability to connect wirelessly to smart home features such as wireless door security.

To create contrast, the exterior is composed of siding and brick. Brick will be on the street-facing facades to echo similar aesthetics in the Near Southside neighborhood. In addition, a public park is adjacent to the property along with numerous dining options.