Rendering of The Bungalows

The Bungalows in Waxahachie

TMA Architects has designed a multi-family development that will be located on Cantrell Street in Waxahachie. The project will consist of two different types of buildings with a craftsman style influence. The development will also include an amenity building featuring a grill house and swimming pool.
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Exterior Canon Mixed-Use Building

Advantages of Small Lot Mixed-Use Design

Small lot mixed-use buildings present opportunities for the end-user and can parallel a city’s development goals. If you consider the Near Southside neighborhood in Fort Worth, the area provides an excellent example of this type of design.   If you’re not familiar with mixed-use design, these types of buildings typically feature a business (retail, medical, professional)…
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Medical Office Exterior

Converting a Medical Office into an ASC

TMA Architects is remodeling an existing medical office building into an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Located on Lancaster Drive in Grapevine, it will be called NexMed ASC. The facility will feature two operating rooms and will total approximately 7,800 SF. Construction documents are in progress.
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North Grove Rendering

A New Design Direction for Multi-Family Projects

I don’t think anyone is surprised that a global pandemic changed the way multiple industries now operate – and that includes architecture and design. At TMA Architects, we are taking a fresh approach to the design of multi-family projects. According to an American Community Survey, the population of Dallas/Fort Worth/ Arlington was just over 7.5…
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Texas Meadows Rendering

New Property Development in Fort Worth

TMA-CHA Architects is teaming with the Bhoomi group to develop six acres at the corner of Bryant Irvin and Dutch Branch Road. The initial purchase was to assist Fort Worth Heart in developing a satellite clinic and a state-of-the-art cardiology surgery center. That left 4.2 acres and we’re in the process of sub-dividing the open…
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Interior Amarillo National Bank

Amarillo National Bank Now Open in Fort Worth

TMA Architects remodeled an existing location for Amarillo National Bank, and they’re now welcoming customers.   Located at 4501 Camp Bowie Blvd in Fort Worth, the location was a previously closed bank. We added offices and work areas — and updated the interior with natural lighting and other amenities.   Our thanks to the team…
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