Dental Office in Near Southside

Dr. Tillman’s New Location Now Open

Congratulations to Dr. Tillman, and his staff, on their new location. His dental practice has moved to a new mixed-use building located at 1100 S. Lake Street in the Near Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth. TMA-CHA designed the building and space to reflect the quality of care Dr. Tillman provides for his patients. Karen Kroh,…
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Dr. Simmons Mixed-Use Building

Dr. Simmons’ Mixed-Use Building Now Open

Located in the Near Southside neighborhood, Dr. Simmons’ Mixed-Use Building is now open. Our own Fred Cauble worked closely with Dr. Simmons in order to meet the project goals, and programmatic requirements. The first two floors are dedicated to medical and physical therapy offices with apartments on the third floor. Another unique addition is a…
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Have You Considered a Mixed-Use Building?

Mixed-use design, or mixed-use architecture, has been around since the 1900‘s.  At that time, the design was unique in that it featured two stories:  the first floor was used for retail, offices or some other kind of business, while the second floor was a residence for rent or a hotel.  From the 1900‘s through the…
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We Are a Full-Service Architectural Firm

From preliminary design to detailed construction documents, tma-cha architects works with our clients to create the best design solution for their needs. Whether you’re looking to maximize a smaller space, create income to help pay for your building, or want a touch of creativity to help your project stand apart, we can help.   For 33…
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Architecture Fun Fact: The Empire State Building

How does the Empire State Building create revenue? If you guessed the building generates revenue from its leased office space, you’d be correct. But according to Arch Daily, the famous landmark actually earns more money from its observation decks. Numbers released in 2014, show the two observation decks generated $111 million while office space netted…
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It’s Clear: Glass Can Reduce Building Costs

As a project develops from initial design to final working drawings, materials or assemblies are often analyzed to see if building costs can be reduced. This process is called value engineering (VE). In most cases, VE can be performed during any phase of the project but we recommend an investigation in the early stages –…
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