Peach Trees

The Architect and the Orchard

It’s hard to believe that with all the hustle and bustle surrounding Fort Worth, I now have a farm just five minutes from downtown.

The 4.5 acre farm, adjacent to Sycamore Creek, now includes large orchards, a garden and antique rose bushes. Last week, I brought peaches, plums and squash to share with the office. Our orchard also includes figs, apples, pears, grapes, almonds, pomegranates, goose berries, and nectarines. We also have a huge crop of tomatoes, corn, goji berries and apricots.

Being an architect and having a profound love of nature is not a dichotomy. More and more, we are asked to bring some form of nature into our designs for commercial and residential buildings. From natural light to wood to water, we have found various ways to incorporate the beauty of nature into man-made structures.

Having a farm with such an abundance of bounty and beauty is a gift – both personally and professionally.