TMA CHA Office

Thriving in Our New Normal

On March 16th, at the urging of Project Architect John Reeser, our office made the decision to have our employees work from home. This meant that Sophie (my sweet dog and office mail retriever) and I were the only two at the office each day.

It was a drastic change, and it was very strange. Looking back, we didn’t have any set systems in place to consistently communicate or ensure progress was maintained on our projects. What a leap of faith that was!

*As the sole worker in the office, I didn’t realize how many phone solicitations and Robocalls we received on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who has a hard time letting calls go to voicemail.

It has been six-weeks since we began working from home, and to my amazement, it is working. We are able to communicate with each other when we need to. We have a checks and balance system in place. We are meeting with our clients via Zoom, and we’re meeting our schedules and deadlines.

I know there are discussions about slowly re-opening various businesses, but because we’re doing so well, we may keep our social distancing in place until the end of the year. All in all, the Robocalls and unwanted phone solicitations have stopped. Every day is casual Friday. And all of us at TMA-CHA Architects are grateful to be working – from home or the office!