Tom Malone, founder of TMA Architects

TMA Architects Celebrates 35 Years

I cannot believe we are celebrating 35 years! Wow!

When I started my architectural firm, my main goal was to control the quality and design of my projects. At the time, there was little indication of the profound changes that were going to take place in this profession. Of course, I’m speaking of technology, and I feel like electronic devices now control my whole world.

Even as technology has taken us in new directions, one thing that has served me well is to always do my best and be honest. If you do those two things, you will end the day with your head held high and gain the respect of your clients.

There are two events I will never forget. In 1988, I drove out to a ranch and presented a residential construction contract for $1.6 million. We completed it and drew up four more before we ever got to the architecture! The other was in 2005 when I tore down two well-known drug houses on Pennsylvania Avenue in Fort Worth. The demolition made way for my mixed-use office building in Near Southside. It was a welcome change for the neighborhood and a big step for my company.

As I round out 35 years as an architect and business owner, I am doing what I enjoy. My firm has a mixture of large-scale mixed-use projects on the boards, and we’re also working on healthcare projects.

I am thankful for my clients who put their trust in our services. And I am especially grateful for the four amazing employees who have joined me for part of this ride. Let’s keep it going!