ASC design

Triangular-Shaped ASC? We Can Do That

The owner of Cardiovascular Labs of America requested a design for a state-licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). At TMA-CHA, we specialize in creating ASC’s, but this was an unusual request because their office is shaped like a triangle.

Physicians and physician groups looking to add an ASC know there are a number of guidelines set by the State of Texas. If you missed our article on “Converting to an Ambulatory Surgery Center,” you can find it here.  In the case of Cardiovascular Labs of America, we satisfied state-licensing requirements by remotely adding the mechanical and emergency generator to the connected parking garage.

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, or MISC, will be located in the ground floor office building at 17950 Preston Road in Dallas. And yes, it’s designed to fit into a triangular space.

It’s always fun to get a project that looks like a “no way,” then find a way to get it done. Are you thinking of adding or converting space for an ASC? We can help – no matter the shape of your space.