Texas Kidney Consultants

What is COTE 10 and Why Does It Matter?

Every year the AIA and the Committee on the Environment (COTE) distinguishes 10 exemplary projects that address environmental concerns through design. These projects come in various scales and costs, and are exemplary in that they integrate architecture, art, and environmental technological advances.

The submitted projects are judged on how well they respond to environmental issues, and other concerns such as community engagement and post occupancy evaluations.

Why it matters

Environmental awareness is important given that the built environment is responsible for diminishing our natural resources and creating carbon emissions. According James Wines, in his book Green Architecture , “the built environment consumes one sixth of the world’s fresh water supply, one quarter of its wood harvest, and two fifths of its fossil fuels and manufactured materials.”

Architects, clients, builders, cities, and others are now stepping up to address such issues, and while not every built project will make the top 10 list, one should still aim for a thoughtful environmental design.

At TMA-CHA Architects, we are addressing issues and solutions with our clients. The Texas Kidney Consultants building uses highly insulated stud framing, and takes advantage of natural daylighting, therefore reducing energy costs. Native landscape is used throughout to reduce water consumption. We are committed to working with these environmental concerns.